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Daily Rent of Moscow Apartments

Renting of apartments in Moscow, including daily rented Moscow apartments is becoming increasingly widespread. Apart from the fact that a day at a hotel in Moscow would be almost twice as expensive as a day's rent of an apartment, the growing popularity of daily / short-term Moscow apartments renting is also explained by the fact that Russian clients are becoming ever more demanding with regard to comfort.

In contrast hostels and Moscow hotels, apartments rented short-term or on a daily basis provide a maximum level of comfort for the most demanding customer. Moreover, with the continuing shortage of hotel accommodation in Moscow, daily rented apartments (or apartments rented for a short term) remain an optimal solution.

Renting Moscow apartments on a daily basis is also convenient. In addition to a comfortable apartment in Moscow, you obtain access to guaranteed additional services ranging from transfer (pick-up / drop-off at an airport or a railway station) to consultations on all issues related to staying in Moscow and assistance with registration for foreign nationals.

Renting an apartment in Moscow is easy Ė all you have to do is select the most suitable option in our catalog and fill out an application or simply make a phone call .

To solve the problem with accommodation in Russian capital you donít need to search for appropriate Moscow hostels and book cheap hotels in Moscow Ė everything you need for a comfortable presence you can get on

We are ready to present you a range of serviced apartments in Moscow for a very good price. You can choose one, two or three-roomed flats located in the heart of Moscow near one of the metro stations.

If you choose our service youíll have a comfortable Moscow travel Ė no troubles, no high prices (which are usual for hotels in Russia and especially in Moscow). ĎKvart-hotel.ruí is a real-estate agency persons who appreciate time and money!

Apartment, Arbatskaya metro station
room photo
Rooms 1
Sleeping accommodations 2
Price: 5200.- rub./daily
Apartment, Krasnopresnenskaya metro station
room photo
Rooms 1
Sleeping accommodations 2+2
Price: 4200.- rub./daily
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Apartment, Belorysskaya metro station
room photo
Rooms 2
Sleeping accommodations 2+2
Price: 5400.- rub./daily
Apartment, Mayakovskaya metro station
room photo
Rooms 2
Sleeping accommodations 2+2
Price: 5400.- rub./daily
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Apartment, Novoslobodskaya metro station
room photo
Rooms 3
Sleeping accommodations 2+2+2
Price: 5600.- rub./daily
Apartment, Belorusskaya metro station
room photo
Rooms 3
Sleeping accommodations 2+2+2+2
Price: 5900.- rub./daily
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Accommodation in Moscow: cheap hotels and serviced apartments, best Moscow hostels. Welcome!

Welcome to ĎKvart-hotelí Ė a company offering serviced apartments in Moscow center. No matter what is the target of your visit (if you came with a business trip or as a tourist) you need to decide where to live. There are some different ways for accommodation in Moscow Ė you can book a hotel room, go to hostel or take an apartment. So what the best one?

The first is hotel. This is a very comfortable kind of housing but rather expensive. Hotels usually offer cozy beautiful rooms and a good service but they also demand a high price for them. Certainly it is possible to find cheap hotels in Moscow city but they wonít so comfortable and it will be much more difficult to book the room especially during holidays and tourist season.

The second is Moscow hostels Ė this kind of accommodation is the most appropriate for students and young people at all. But if youíre going to visit Moscow for business or if youíre going to travel with you family, hostel housing wonít be suitable for you. If isnít convenient enough and there is no any service.

So, if you prefer comfortable and inexpensive accommodation, ĎKvart-hotelí is ready to offer you a big number of serviced apartments. You can choose one, two or three Ė room flats and rent it for one day or more. Renting an apartment youíll get comfortable and accessible housing equipped with all necessary appliances.

Our real estate agency is always ready to offer you servised apartments in Moscow Ė spacious and well-equipped flats. Travelling over the Europe you can book hostels and hotels, in Russia serviced apartments (in Moscow on any other city) is rhe most profitable and comfortable way of accommodation.

Our agency is specialized on Moscow apartments Ė we own a big number of flats situated in the very center of the city. Weíre sure that apartments is the best way for accommodation in Moscow and in Russia at all.

So why do we think that any other accommodation in Moscow is worse? Weíll try to prove this point of view. Letís talk about hotel in Moscow firstly. Hotels are the most popular kind of housing for tourists and businessmen. You can find many hotels in Moscow city: expencive and low-cost, located in the center of the city or on rhe outskirts. Expensive hotel of Moscow will offer you a spacious chambers and a high level of service but the price will be rather high too.

Of course Moscow has cheap hotels prices there are acceptable but furnishings arenít so good and stylish as in Lux-class hotels in Moscow heart. Booking Moscow cheap hotel could be difficult sometimes - during travel season in Russia hotels are always crowded and you have to book a month or two before coming.

Living in hotels in Moscow you also wonít be able to save money on eating, because there are no kitchens in hotels. The most profitable way is to live in Moscow by bed and breakfast system.

The other way of Moscow accommodation is to order a Moscow hostel Ė hostels are cheaper but the level of comfort isnít so high. Staying at hostel (Moscow of other city) you wonít have your own bathroom and other facilities. Regular hostels in Moscow usually have a kitchen, so youíll be able to cook by yourself but there is no dining-room.

It doesnít matter why are you going to Moscow - for tourism or by a business-trip, you donít need to book Moscow hostel or look for a cheap Moscow (Russia) hotels Ė all you need is to appeal to Kvart-hotel real estate agency.

If you travel to Russia, travel Moscow, if you travel Moscow travel with For each Moscow trip we will offer you stylish flats and a good service.

Planning a visit to Russia travel with us. We offer a special price for our permanent clients. After leaving our flat once you will get a special discount for Russia accommodation later.

Today many real-estate agencies offer the accommodation in Moscow but only ĎKvart-hotelí can provide all servises for comfortable accommodation in moscow for russia and other countries citizens. As you know we offer apartments in Moscow for a short-term or a long-rerm rent, our supply doesnít include hostels Moscow or cheap hotels in Russia Ė weíre only interesred in flats.

So what is included in the price? Firstly we would like to say that the ptrice for our Moscow apartments is quire good, the same as for the hostel in Moscow or for the middle-class hotel in Moscow in the low season. Booking one of our flats you have to pay a price per day, and a guarantee payment wich will be returned to you ar the day of your departure.

Booking the accommodation in our real-estate agency you also need ro make a prepayment for one day wich will be included in your final bill. The price per day includes all kind of services wich you can ger at Moscow hostels and middle-class Russia hotels located at the capital. Like everu hotel in Moscow we make everyday cleaning Ė our rooms are always tidy and good. You will not find such kind of servise in Moscow cheap hotel Ė this kind of housing isnít rhe most comfortable in our city. All communal payments are also insluded in the price.

You also donít need to worry abour the currency exchange an‚ cash. We offer different kinds of payments like all hotels in Moscow do. You are able to pay by cash using rubbles or euro, you can use a credit card if it is more appropriate for you.

Taking a part in a ĎKvart-hotelí discount progtamm you will be anle to get special bonuses and additional services wich arenít available in Moscow and russia hotels and hostels.

ĎKvart hotelí makes Moscow tourism easier and cheaper. You donr need expensive hotels in Moscow, forget about uncomfortable Moscow hotels Ė take apartments and live with pleasure.

If you travel to Russia, travel to Moscow! Travelling to Moscow travel with ĎKvatr-hotelí. Weíll make your Moscow trip absolutely unforgerrable!!

The list of our services include:

accommodation (Moscow);
apartments Moscow;
hostel Moscow;
hotels in Russia;
Moscow apartments;
Moscow travel;
and Russia hotels, etc.

If youíre interested in our offers contact us by telephone +7 (495) 921-14-24, e-mail of fill the application form on Ďbookingí section.